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Gooder ‘n Chicken Superbowl Wings

About a decade ago a friend of mine whipped out a wing recipe from a restaurant he used to work at in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina—barbalo wings. He would cook them for weekend Steeler’s games, of which he was an avid fan. The gist was essentially creating a hot and sweet chicken wing, covered equally…

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Eddie Booze, West Virginia Artisan

Viewers of Barnwood Builders might be familiar with some of the creations of Eddie Booze, a local West Virginia artisan. His liquor tap was created out of old barnwood and reclaimed metal in Season three and his artwork adorns a number of shirts the guys sport. If you’ve stopped by the store in White Sulphur…

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Item Giveaways

Mark and Katherine give away popular items from Barnwood Living’s store in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

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Dressing Up your Beam Mantel for Christmas

SPH Interiors is a full-service Interior Design studio located in Historic Downtown Lewisburg, WV. Our team of designers is here to help you create custom spaces that reflect your lifestyles! Visit us online at www.sphinteriors.com In West Virginia, and in particular Greenbrier County, we here at SPH Interiors have the opportunity to work with many homeowners that…

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Cindy’s Pecan Pie

Pumpkin pie is just as ubiquitous at the Thanksgiving spread as stuffing and cranberry sauce. But at Mark and Cindy’s house it’s the darkhorse Pecan Pie that takes center stage during the Thanksgiving meal’s encore. Pecans, being native to North America, have been a popular nut throughout America since the late 19th Century when, after the…

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Thanksgiving Weekend Special Premiere

THIS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND, BARNWOOD BUILDERS HAS A BIG-HEARTED SURPRISE! On Sunday, November 26 at 9pm, Barnwood Builders will air a brand new episode. In this very special Thanksgiving weekend offering, Mark Bowe does something he’s neverdone before. He brings a seller to the Boneyard to help restore his childhood home. But this no ordinary seller. This is fan favorite, Larry…

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Barnwood Builders Opens Storefront in WSS

White Sulphur Springs, WV is a city that has overcome its fair share of adversity. It was ravaged by a devastating flood last year; an event that, logically, should have disheartened and depressed its citizens. Instead, the opposite happened. The people of White Sulphur rose to the challenge, climbing out of the woodwork to help…

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The State Food of WV

As most of you know, Mark and his crew enjoy a good pepperoni roll now and again. But what you may not know is the story behind this humble, yet delicious food. Here in WV, we have strong feelings about them. In my bakery, we can spot someone from out of state immediately, because they…

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Frances’ Butterscotch Pie

My Mom-maw Frances, loved to do things for her family. Giving small presents, crocheting doilies and blankets, but she really loved to bake goodies for them, especially at Christmas.  Festive cookies, rich cakes, and yummy candies, but her made-from-scratch pies were always my favorite. She enjoyed baking and took great pleasure in seeing your smiling…

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Silent Night????

The Christmas season seems to get a bad wrap…pun intended.  We all rush around from party to party, running in and out of stores, quickly marking gifts off of our lists in a mad dash to get everything bought and wrapped and laid perfectly under our beautifully decorated trees.   I know I am not alone…

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