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Catching up with the Barnwood Builders

You might say it all started back in 1996, when a former coal miner from West Virginia was scouting the hills of Northeast Kentucky, looking for old log cabins to restore. Someone in Flemingsburg sent him to talk to one of the locals. “My name’s Mark Bowe,” he introduced himself. “I’m thinking about getting into…

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Cindy’s Apple Pie

  On my first date with Mark, I asked him what his favorite thing to eat was and he replied, “apple pie!” So for our second date I really wanted to impress him with the best apple pie he ever had. I enlisted the help of my mom and aunt and wound up mixing together…

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Decorating in the “Rustic” Style

What exactly comes to mind when you hear someone talk about rustic style decorating?  Maybe frilly country curtains, crocheted doilies on tables and dressers or baskets of large fake flowers scattered around the tops of cabinets? Or perhaps you immediately imagine a mountain cabin complete with black bear knick-knacks and southwest style faabrics and accessories?…

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