Dressing Up your Beam Mantel for Christmas

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In West Virginia, and in particular Greenbrier County, we here at SPH Interiors have the opportunity to work with many homeowners that have barnwood in their homes. From ceiling beams to kitchen accents, Barnwood Living’s antique beams provide a rich palate for an interior design team like ours, and we enjoy any opportunity to work with homes that incorporate materials from Mark.

Decorating your antique beam mantel for Christmas can be a lot of fun. It’s necessary to accent what the beam already offers the home. That means adding natural elements to the beam, but also mixing it up with some manmade items. For a home with a gorgeous antique mantle beam, we decided to share some different strategies for you to “wow” your friends and family this season.

First thing—the garland. We wanted to add some height and different “levels” to this display, so we chose a long garland made up of three different evergreens. We ordered this one from a local florist, but you can call your local Christmas tree farm and ask for trimming and make your own. Just use wire to attach the trimmings and make sure to use varying species. Next, we added a variety of everyday decorations, so that the Christmas theme wasn’t overboard, including candle holders, regular candles, and some metal and glass decor. Then we added some Christmas cheer with some shatter-proof ball ornaments of varying colors and shapes. You can find these at almost any big box store. Next, we decided to splash a little bright color throughout the mantle by adding small, bright oranges. Prop up an old sleigh and accent with some magnolia, and things begin to come together!

It’s important to mix up textures, colors, and to design for different “levels,” or heights, within the display. This will give your mantel a more complete look. With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, now is a perfect time to get a garland and make sure to ask your florist for care tips to extend the life of your live accents.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Suzanne Perilli Hancock,
SPH Interiors