Cabin Fever

Feeling restless from being stuck inside for the long, dreary, and cold days and nights of winter? Then you’ve probably got a touch of cabin fever. There’s no simple test for it and symptoms like decreased motivation, frequent napping and inability to concentrate are similar to middle adolescence, cabin fever can strike at any age. If you’re experiencing any of these ailments while being cooped up indoors, you’re likely experiencing cabin fever.

But don’t lose hope. The easiest way to treat cabin fever is to go outside. Daylight hours are getting longer which certainly lifts my mood. As the old saying goes, “the idle mind is the devil’s playground.” So on dreary days when you’re stuck indoors with nothing to do, watching TV or streaming your favorite shows on the internet can keep your brain active. And now that “Barnwood Builders” is back with all new episodes on the Magnolia Network, give yourself permission to overindulge and binge watch.

As you can imagine, I have a slightly different point of view of cabin fever than most folks. That’s because I’ve been ate up with it for years reclaiming, restoring and repurposing antique cabins and barns with my amazingly talented crew. All of us appreciate you letting us share our passion for preserving this important part of our historic Appalachian heritage with you. We hope cabin fever continues to spread and becomes an epidemic for many more seasons to come.