New Showroom Layout

Here at the Barnwood Living Showroom, we have been adding a number of new merchandise for the 2018 season. I have had so much fun working with these and many other artists procuring items for the Barnwood Living store this past year. To say that I am happy with where we are now as a company would be an understatement. I have been able to share the excitement and joy with, not only Mark and the crew but also many different local and regional artisans. There is nothing better in this world than sharing your light with others.

Speaking of which, we are so excited to partner with SHINElife! Their jewelry pieces are all produced in North Carolina by a small family business who turned their sorrow into healing. We love their story and the message that these unique pieces portray. What could be better…small family business, beautiful messages of hope and gorgeous wearable jewelry!

The first thing most people will notice when entering the store is the massive candle display we have in the middle of the room. Our candles are seriously some of the best on the market (and I feel like I have tried my fair share!). They are the product of a super cool “up-cycle” artist in a neighboring town. He uses recycled bottles. For us he uses beer and wine bottles, then adds the most deliciously scented soy wax candle material, topping it off with a handmade barnwood lid. The resulting product is nothing short of heavenly.

Many of the items in the store are also in our online store, which you can shop HERE. But we also have TONS of stuff in the store only available on site, so make plans to come see us soon!