At Barnwood Builders, we are all about community. We believe strongly that our success is due to our fans and our loving community, and we try to give back every chance we get!

This past year we were proud to participate in a couple of events both near and far because we know our fans and our community are nationwide. We wanted to share those with you so that you know to keep an eye out for more or some you can join in and give us a hand!

Back on October 1st of 2019 we had an awesome community event, Coffee with Mark, at The Boneyard at Round Top, Texas.

25 super-cool fans joined us, bright and early, for an opportunity to spend some time with Mark. Everybody knows Mark is a talker and he loved getting the opportunity to chat with our fans, sharing thoughts and ideas, and just having a good time while raising money for a good cause!

100% of the money raised was donated to the Round Top/Carmine Elementary School to jump start their hydroponic gardening project through the school science department. We were proud to present that check for $1250 to Mrs. Bonnie during the 2019 Fall Antique Fair, and we look forward to the kids learning all they can about an awesome community resource through gardening.

We are working on a date during the Spring show to provide another opportunity to have Coffee with Mark and maybe a special guest! Stay tuned!!!

We also participated in an event close to our hearts for the third year in a row. That is the PJ and Book Drive for the Greenbrier Valley Children’s Shelter via the Children’s Home Society in our home of Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Between November 20th and December 20th of 2019, we donated 50 pairs of pajamas and 25 books with the help of all us at Barnwood Builders, our friends, family, and community.

When we see so much happiness and success come our way, and all of the blessings we received in 2019, we can’t help but feel we need and want to give back. From the Barnwood Family to yours; here’s to hoping in 2020 we can do even more, make even more, and have a great new year.

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