This week’s episode is brought to you by popular demand! We had so many people on Facebook asking us for an episode of finish visits that we decided to make one. Now that we’ve been making the show for more that 4 years (!!!!) there are a number of cabins we saw taken down that are now beautiful homes. Despite our early predictions, this wasn’t exactly easy to make. Most of our shoots are muddy, rainy, windy, cold, hot, and remote. But at least they start and end inside of a week. This one took pretty much all year to put together. Of course, the guys didn’t have to lift anything heavy, so they loved it. You’ll still get your share of Johnny, Sherman, Tim, Graham, and Alex. But this one is all about Mark visiting the finished products. I loved getting to see these incredible homes and I know you will, too. Be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook. Maybe we’ll make another one next season!